Tonight,about light

About lies you told and heard
About right decisions and wrong times,

About outright NOs and painful YESs

About stolen pens and looted memories

About chits in the class and silence in the walks,

About newspapers and red inks.

Tonight, it’s about wars. And cries.

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About preaching mom not to talk like that,

About feeling guilty for talking like that,

About stained pants and washed agony,

About withered walls and bright pictures.

About compass boxes and kitchen sets

And monsters in clouds, and a white dress.

Tonight, it’s about yesterday. And beyond.

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About teary blurs and clear paths,

About stubborn keyboards and blocked contacts,

About rains and parched hearts

About drafts in the mail and updated Instagram.

And earrings, and short hair and long kurtis

About everything out of league.

Tonight, it’s about me. And stars.

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Mujhe rukne ko na kaho

Mujhe yaad hai ki 

baarish ko mai apna kehti thi

aur tumhe ye naadaani lagti thi,

Par meri khaatir tum bhi boondo me

ek majboor sukoon dhundh lete the.

Aaj shaam bhi wahi hai, barasti hui, kaali si, majboor si.

Par ab bheegne ka mann nahi hai,

Aur is sabab ki wajah kehne ko na kaho

Mujhe rukne ko na kaho.

Shaam wala rang hai, 
Aasmaa malang hai,

wahi kitaab sang hai

jo barso se badrang hai.

Kitne panno me apni hi hasi hai

Saawan ki baate wahi par basi hai.

Abb ki khaamoshi todne ko na kaho

Mujhe rukne ko na kaho.

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Chai ki pyaali hai

cheeni aaj sawaali hai

ki mujhse kyu roothi ho

jo bilkul nahi daali hai.

Abb mithaas ki bass yaade pasand hain.

Par cheeni ki ye baate pasand hain.

In baato me arth daalne ko na kaho,

Mujhe rukne ko na kaho.

Last week a friend asked me if I had written something new and I was a little perplexed because I had kind of disowned writing poems for reasons I fail to figure out. She made me promise that I would write one super soon and here it is. Only after I finished writing this , did I realize that this makes me feel good. Of course, on a rainy day ( a rainy week in fact), I am most earnest about promises. 

Happy rains,


मैं ही कहानी

मैं उस पार की कहानी हुं.

हर गलत राह मुड़ कर देखी है,

हर गलत चाह कर के देखी है,

फ़िर सही गलत की परिभाषा भी,

तोड़ मडोड कर देखी है.

हर सरहद कस्बे कूंचे में,

मैं छुपी हुई मनमानी हुं,

मैं उस पार की कहानी हुं.


बिखरे फैले काजल में 

सपनों का रंग मिलाया है.

और होठों पर कुछ उम्मीदों को

गुलाबी सा सजाया है.

झुम्कों में तेवर लटका के,

ओड़नी में नखरे सिलवा के,

हर सुर ताल पर थिरकी हुं,

हर सुर ताल से अंजानी हुं.

मैं उस पार की कहानी हुं.

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इक शर्त लगी है जी लेने की,

इक दांव पे सान्सें रखी हैं.

इक होश नहीं है सन्नाटो का,

इक शोर में बातें रखी हैं.

जो ना जिउं तो वही कथा हुं

हर बार जो आनी जानी हुं..

मैं उस पार की कहानी हुं.


In prose,I let you die

In prose,I let you  die
I kill you for I die.
I take you to the cliff
and show you the greens
of dreamy dreams
Pinks of the walls
adorned with our pictures from the cafe.
Black and browns of the
most intense teas and coffees
Yellows of the library
we trusted upon.
And from that cliff
I push you down.
In prose,I kill.
In poetry,you exist.

In prose,I unnerve you.
I pinch to survive.
See through the murals
and the written art.
See through the plays
and the sitcoms.
See through my idea
of you and sunrise.
See through me.
In prose,I veil down.
In poetry,you is me.

In prose,you pour down.
I feel it as you evaporate
into my being.
As I watch you hold your steam
and bestow it upon the cold springs
of unknown romance,
I know you rise into
your abode of positivity.
For in prose,you choose.
In poetry,I divide.