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It’s my blog’s birthday today and I thought I would write something today just for the sake of it. It’s been two years and kudos to my inconsistency. Every time I post something I get this positive vibe to post more often, Which of course does not materialize into success. Life guys, life.

So a quick review of what all I have gathered in my kitty in these months:

  • Avoid planning: Unless it’s the only thing to do. I know you all have been told the otherwise and you all have been practicing otherwise but believe me, calm down. Half of your frustration is because you plan way too much. I have been the typical maniac who plans what is gonna be in her wardrobe for next 7 months and when is the next shopping date which would determine the amount of work that needs to be done the preceding week which would also be impacted by the date of the stipend arrival which would depend on the semester registration dates and all this has to be in sync with the menstrual cycle. You get my point? But calm down! No hell is going to break loose if the order changes.

Also, not all your plans would work. 40% is good enough. BREATHE. B.R.E.A.T.H.E




  • Pamper yourself : Please do. Yeah I know early 20s suck. Even late 20s do. Life sucks. But you know what? You can only let it suck so much. That hardly sounds right but again, you get my point. Just freaking buy that dress and go to that new confectionery. And it’s simply okay to sometimes enjoy these luxuries alone. I can’t emphasize enough on being your own muse. But do not deny yourself anything (unless you cannot afford it, please do not rob).
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  • Watch your words : You know this has been “taught” in the moral “science” classes but the world we live in these days, sarcasm is style. I myself am pretty much at it. But trust me, it ain’t cool. These are insensitive times. We as people, are going through weird stuff. Some of us (in fact most, check depression statistics of India) are holding on negative things inside us that do not really surface. But in the fad of being all cool and sarcastic, maybe we are hurting some of these people who would not even tell you that they got hurt. Words are powerful. You may speak and forget, but someone would probably hold on to them for long, maybe forever. Be kind, in words too. Please.
  • Be there for your people: I have learned this one the hardest way. I mean, of course these are crucial times for most of my friends but consider this- I was going through really trying and tough phase and I texted a friend in a weak hour of mine and opened my heart out. Obviously she could not do anything but the least she could do was to call me. Out of courtesy, if not love. That has kind of stuck with me. It’s not that few minutes on the call would have ruined her career. But again, you get my point,right?

On the other hand, this other friend of mine whom I had been so mean to, came up from another city amidst tons of work and personal problems just to make sure I get out of my dark phase.

You know I keep reiterating it but in life, we literally earn people. So when you say somebody is your friend, mean it, act like it. Else, business is a great world.


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  • Be colorful: I mean I know it’s winter but that does not spell black and grey. Don’t be racist. Don’t be mean to winters. ❤


Warm fuzzy hugs @ 15℃