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The month that was!

Winter has decided to barge in and no I am not ready yet. I am never ready for winter. And I don’t hate winter. I don’t like winter. Have I made it clear by now that I am weird? Good, we can proceed now. 

Highlights of the month

Being ultra sick : So I had one hell of a happening month. This is not the month end yet but who cares. Mid Oct-Mid Nov is what we are dealing with here. For good part of the month I was sick. Being sick is coming naturally to me now. All kinds of dreadful and painful diagnosis later as I headed towards being okay, every week new kinds of problems decided to say hello to me. Yeah I greeted them back. Via medicines, money and mind.

Being Semi-sick : Even my post feels sick with so much sickness but venting it out seems okay to me. So as I moved on with basket full of medicines, supplements and syrups, I seemed to have some sort of side effects! You guys saw that coming? I didn’t! So here I was, standing in the lab with my professor and classmates, receiving HPLC training and guess what? I blacked out! And my professor for a moment thought I was gone. At this point, nobody figured out that this could be due to side effect. I received lot of glucose and advise to eat more.

Moral : If you are feeling sick, move out. Don’t scare your professor by showing shades of death.

Finding the demon : I moved on with life and got involved in preparations of an event and carried on with my medicines. So I am in protein engineering class after my second breakfast (as I was advised to have) and the medicines, when after 20 minutes I begin to feel dizzy. By the 30th minute no protein is getting engineered and I run out of class. Going by previous episode, Nisha smells fishy stuff and she follows to find me in lets say least elegant state (read vomiting my intestines out). The second breakfast and the medicines are washed down the sink and the doctor is called, overdose confirmed and medicines find a time-table more organized than Indian Constitution.

Moral : Give space- to people and medicines.

BioZest : So while I was busy blacking out, vomiting, attending classes and performing 999 BLAST a day ( a bioinformatics tool), in the afternoons I would escape into a zone of forgetting all that and dancing my heart out. We, at FLSB, celebrated Biology in the most delightful way on 10th and 11th November and we called it BioZest. The preparations were at one point mind-wrecking but oh dear lord! The rehearsals, the running around and the zillion meetings really got us all closer. While the D-day was bright and chirpy with events, the cultural evening (for which I was really worried) turned out to be gorgeous, to say the least. Biologists rocked the show.

Moral : If you are sick, dance.

IMG_6317[1] IMG_6596[1]                                                   IMG_6514[1]

What now? : Term paper, studies, exams, exams, exams, exams, exams, even I don’t see an end. 24 hours seem so less. Source of recreation? Posting a selfie a day. Actually I am enjoying all the work. Sure it’s hectic. But how else do we expect life to be?

Significant mentions : Some people made the month bearable, in fact, happier. On a personal note, these people helped me deal with all of it in a sane manner. Anuvrat, Nisha, my doctors (yeah 3 of them), Ayush and Taru Di and my project supervisor- May you all have amazing winters.

Now I feel ready for yet another eventful month.

Warm fuzzy love to all,

Anaari ❤

PS: My birthday is approaching. Yet again falling during exams. But this time, I want a celebration (coz going by my health records, who knows!!). This is also a subtle way to ask for gifts (I don’t get any).





Love-struck,people-struck,fashion-struck,bollywood-struck,winter-struck,chicken-struck,poetry-struck,earrings-struck 20-something. An accidental biologist,I find solace in stories of any kind. Books,Hindi songs, clothes, ideas,relations..all that makes up my existence will travel up to this blog. Chance are many can relate to me. For those who can't,remember I love stories. You could be a story.

2 thoughts on “The month that was!

  1. Thanks archi ! And I must say it was you who despite being so sick , did the job so well and that too happily, no one else could have done that. And yes , u r a source of positive vibes …u instill energy in others…u make others realise that they can achieve the best out of life…u boost their confidence. Though we had a fight as well and for a very silly reason ( bcoz of my bewakoofi) ..sorry for that. M lucky to have u in my life girl.
    Love u loads, my all rounder
    Stay the way as u r ( healthy..😄)
    Angrezi ki galti ho Toh chhama prarthi hai hum pehle se hi …
    Or haa birthday gift pending hai Tera…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s comments like these that make me a little vain about myself. Why do you feed my narcissism so much 😂 You know I love you. And will always do. I never forget act of kindness. And I will never forget how you stood by me this month and how you handled me on those two episodes of emergency!
      Rahi baat us jhagde ki, to abhi toh Baal waal noch ke jhagadna baaki h. Dosti me ye sabb na ho toh tere bachho ko Kya stories sunaaungi😂💖

      Liked by 1 person

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