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A semester @ SAU

So I write this as the anticipation of a week long trip is building up so bad inside me that I have long crossed the borders of sanity. In few hours I’ll be off for a wonderful( yeah I know that already) trip. It’s only writing that can contain my levels of excitement as I count the hours to go (Dear fog, please spare my flight). But I had to write this anyway. This just had to be written because I’d choose to fall back on this story for many many years to come. This thing called SAU that has happened to me is a milestone I’ll rejoice every now and then even when wrinkles take over my tiny face. 

The entrance to awesomeness

So while I was at it, giving entrances for admission to masters courses, I had no idea where would I end up. Top priorities somehow were getting sublimed but thank god for a zillion of plan Bs. So I had missed the deadline to fill the SAU form( because I didn’t have money and grace to borrow more) but destiny,my friend,is one hell of a business. The dates got extended and just then cash flew in. Even giving the entrance was not without its share of struggles. I had three submissions the week preceding the entrance and I somehow managed to look past few books of relevance. The results took forever to get announced. And then I was worried about how would I pay the fee but like I said,the destiny business,I got the merit scholarship and my admission was sorted. 


I do not really know what I expected out of Biotechnology but it was not the most positive note that I started my masters life with. I was not looking forward to it and a day before the joining in,I was ranting to a friend about how I feel I was not ready for masters. 
But it began. It began and I was awed. Awed and miniaturized. That and awed. The very first day as the faculty members interacted with us, a sudden bubble of positivity bursted out. I immediately felt, there could not be anything more right than me being here at this juncture. The kind of aura each and every professor had was magical. Each class was a revelation. Each class brought a little jolt and made us think a little more . It left us with a thirst for a little more. And even after a hectic maddening semester having two set of indulgent exams, none of the 20 of us would disagree that each class still leaves us as motivated. The first spark of dreaming of becoming a scientist was born. 

My first presentation

The academics were just one side of the story. This was South Asian University. It has students from all the SAARC nations. Barring the initial few days of hesitation, when I now look at my batch( during the practicals,when they are a bit relaxed) I see the Afghanis and Nepalis and Sri Lankans and Pakistanis laughing away at some popular Indian joke. Knowing about cultures was always my indulgence in the background but during these few months I had some of the most enriching conversations on it. Our South Asian studies allowed us to know what being a South Asian means and we now look at borders in slightly better perspectives. We viewed South Asia through the lens of literature,sociology,cinema,politics,economics and law to name a few. 

Biotech squad,freshers party

Stories have dimensions alright. But stories are because of people. People. My favorite field of study. I met some of the weirdest, gentlest and coolest people here. And I found a friend whom I am going to keep for a little longer. Longer than his own wish because he’s meant to be here in my life. He’s my bro,my partner in crimes that I have committed long before we’ve known each other. Our frequencies have matched like crazy and I think that’s because we both like neurobiology. There’s no other way to explain it. Anuvrat,bro you are here to stay. Yeah? 

There are few more people I have  had the privilege to interact with and with there own USPs they hold pretty places in different corners of my heart. Sampreeti, Poornima, Pawandeep, Minhaz, Nidhi, Shilpa, Hasam, Kiruthika it’s been awesome to know you guys. I hope the coming semesters unfold us more.

And of course, Nisha  , she has become my forever. I can see her dancing at my wedding already.

I had my first nighout here. I had my first all-night study here. I’m having my first long trip here. I had my first poster presentation here. I had my first encounter with research papers here. I had my first roaming around at night here. I had my first public game of cricket here. There are few more first that I feel are best safe in wraps. 

First nightout

SAU, you’ve been glorious as of now. I know for sure that the coming three semesters are going to be exponentially better and warmer.
Loads of love beyond any boundary




Love-struck,people-struck,fashion-struck,bollywood-struck,winter-struck,chicken-struck,poetry-struck,earrings-struck 20-something. An accidental biologist,I find solace in stories of any kind. Books,Hindi songs, clothes, ideas,relations..all that makes up my existence will travel up to this blog. Chance are many can relate to me. For those who can't,remember I love stories. You could be a story.

3 thoughts on “A semester @ SAU

  1. aah! I m glad that u are here and happy….its all about destiny as they say. More first experiences to come yet and I wish u good luck for ur coming semesters nd hope u always shine like this nd all the best for the journey….I too wanted to share my experiences with u during all these months…good luck.

    p.s.- I don’t knw where u r going 😀

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