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In prose,I let you die

In prose,I let you  die
I kill you for I die.
I take you to the cliff
and show you the greens
of dreamy dreams
Pinks of the walls
adorned with our pictures from the cafe.
Black and browns of the
most intense teas and coffees
Yellows of the library
we trusted upon.
And from that cliff
I push you down.
In prose,I kill.
In poetry,you exist.

In prose,I unnerve you.
I pinch to survive.
See through the murals
and the written art.
See through the plays
and the sitcoms.
See through my idea
of you and sunrise.
See through me.
In prose,I veil down.
In poetry,you is me.

In prose,you pour down.
I feel it as you evaporate
into my being.
As I watch you hold your steam
and bestow it upon the cold springs
of unknown romance,
I know you rise into
your abode of positivity.
For in prose,you choose.
In poetry,I divide.



Love-struck,people-struck,fashion-struck,bollywood-struck,winter-struck,chicken-struck,poetry-struck,earrings-struck 20-something. An accidental biologist,I find solace in stories of any kind. Books,Hindi songs, clothes, ideas,relations..all that makes up my existence will travel up to this blog. Chance are many can relate to me. For those who can't,remember I love stories. You could be a story.

13 thoughts on “In prose,I let you die

    1. You know it’s always great to hear from you. πŸ˜€
      Ok so this is a poem,and you are always free to find your own perspective in it.
      The intent,well it encompasses things and people but more importantly,my own self. Poetry is but an extension to our dreams and subconscious beliefs. So even if practically and rationally I negate someone or something,in poetry (or in the dreamland) it prospers πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m glad you like hearing from me. 😊
        So from your explanation, what I gleaned is that you feel far more comfortable putting things in poetry than you’re in prose. Am I correct in gleaning the perspective?

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      2. Umm,you can say that. Or you can say,in prose I talk and express what I want people to know and understand. In poetry I talk about stuff that I know I can’t express in a straighforward manner. For me poetry is a cowardish escape and safekeeping of feelings.

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      3. Or you can explain it in a lofty manner, “poetry gives me the space for my soul to roam in the spaces where light and darkness have ceased to exist.” You know, like all that heavy crap! It just sounds better. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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      4. Oh I’m there, all right. It’s just that, I haven’t kept any links to my own page on the blog’s page. No hidden agendas for the poor guy. Check Ajit Yadav. You’ll get a guy’s pic who looks strikingly like this gravatar guy here.

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