Pc-Ritesh Shahi

Khidki se door nazaaro me
jo sagi na thi unn bahaaro me
Gustaakhi ke baazaro me
aur apni hi raftaaro me

Tum chamak uthe,mai chehek gayi

Dil ka dhaancha maalum na tha
par laga jawaani yahi toh hai,
jo tabb bhi thi aur abhi hai
ye Noor-e-Kahaani wahi toh hai.


Pc-Megha sethi

Hum door door hi sawar gaye
hum door door hi bikhar gaye
Gehre kaale baadal jo the
wo door door hi badal gaye.

Tum sihar uthe,mai sisak gayi

Aankho me tabb aaya tha jo
majboor sa paani yahi toh hai
Jo tabb bhi thi aur abb bhi hai
ye Noor-e-Kahaani wahi toh hai.


Pc-Ritesh Shahi

Aana tera mere sheher me
aana mera meri nazar me
Akad ka pulinda bikhar gaya
wo sailaab hi tha dil ki neher me

Tum bihal gaye,mai bihal gayi.

Hai katha yahi aur saar yahi
fir bhi anjaani yahi toh hai.
Jo tabb bhi thi aur abb bhi hai
ye Noor-e-Kahaani wahi toh hai.


Does it really END?

As I sit down and collect my thoughts about what all I am supposed to do today,I want to believe that it a normal holiday. But when I receive no call from Nisha asking “Archi,kaha ho?”, I realize it’s a wrap. No more daily hunting of seat waali buses and no more of hours of whiling around in the canteen. Meanwhile, I read these lines and put them as Whatsapp status:-
“Kucch reet jagat ki aisi hai,
har ek subah ki shaam hui”


For sure I am not the only one contemplating the 3 years spent at college and then the 20 years spent on Earth. Mostly all of us are. Either in groups or like me in the balcony. Yesterday was the last exam that the Degree  demanded from us. Some of us chose to fall back upon our friends to deal with the emotional,theoretical and practical storms that arose after the exams. I could not really understand what to do. So I took myself out on a coffee date and absorb the feeling that yet another phase of life has come to an end.

Which brings me to the topic,does a phase really end? Will I ever comfortably say that Venky is over? Won’t we all be carrying different pieces of Venky in our  lives,hearts,careers,memories,personalities,dreams and realities ALWAYS? To answer my own self I set out asking questions not just to myself of myself but on behalf of everyone. I found the questions more intriguing  than the answers.

Here they are. Answer and decide for yourself.

  1. Were you the shy kind,3 years ago? Did the initial presentations worry the hell out of you? Do you now come up in the morning and ask about your slides and give the presentation bang on?


2. Did you believe that teachers were only the boring people who were supposed to come for lectures,give assignments and met us in exams? Do you now have teachers as your best of friends? Have you had teachers take you out of wackiest of situations and deepest of muddles?


3. Were you the person who was always the audience? Have you become the host? The performer?


4. Did you make you first best friend? Did you have misunderstandings?Did you sort them? meg

5. Did you learn something new? Like skating? Dancing? Singing? Or just letting be and accepting your flaws? Did somebody tell you to break free? Did somebody take you hand in hand to face your fears?


6. Did you become a better listener? A little more sensitive? Did you have fever but you went to meet the friend you promised to meet? Did you start putting others before you? Did you pledge to not hurt people anymore?


7. Did you acknowledge your childhood hobby? Did you make it your passion? Did you take your skills more seriously? Did you let that poet out,the writer out,the dancer,the diva,the traveller out?


8. Did you become somebody’s agony aunt? Do people turn to you when they are in distress,doubt or dilemma? Are you somebody’s at the end of the day friend? Does somebody love that smile on your face?

p  nish ansh

9. Did you learn to manage time and pressure? Did you learn to not panic when you have many exams on a single day? Did you deal with thousands of files,projects,assignments and tests and learn to play the game?

antar langar

Do you believe in love? Do you trust now? Have you become more serious about life now? Do you take life lightly now? Do you know that in your Masters you will be a different person? Do you promise to keep some people with you always? Do you face problems but laugh them away because sooner or later you are able to pass through them?

sonam, tree

If you have your answers ready,then you might also know that these answers are the part

of who you are now? And shall always be. College did this.


Now tell me,

Does it really END?


Warm hugs and bright smiles

Your Anaari Drum