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Me,as you know me

Anaari,because that’s how I can be best described. Anaari in all ways. I score zero at being figurative of conversations. You may happen to be closest of my friends or newest of my acquaintances, chances are you will mostly find me at the listening end. Reasons you ask? So when you are with me what I am doing is trying to extract stories out of you…of your life,of your daily struggles,of your joys,of your silliness,of your achievements,of how you missed that bus or burnt the toast or how you made that pretty hairstyle to how you lost you lost the love of your life. I love to listen all of it. These stories fulfill me.


You can share deepest of your fears and pains and chances are,I won’t utter a single word of sympathy. But believe me when I say,your pain has found a safe spot in my heart and whenever you feel lost,you have a place to fall upon. I am a speaker’s delight and a listener’s fantasy.

Anaari also because when it comes to dressing,I am mostly a mess. You’ll find me sporting a trend that came three years ago because then I was busy being in love with something that came another three years ago. So if you are donning Palazzos and crop tops now,chances are I will learn to like them few years later. A Bindi fanatic, I am huge admirer of ethnic clothing. You can find me grabbing any opportunity to wear a Saree,if you stalk around my facebook profile  .People say I was “born an aunty”. Whatever.

I am Drum because I make all kinds of noises and all kind of music at all kind of beats(not literally). This blog is not to attract readers. This is just because-of all the 70,000 thoughts that cross my mind everyday,most are about the people I know. Instead of letting them pass away,I choose to give them the significance they deserve,here.

In this blog,there will be more of you than me,because I am all that your stories do to me. Read on,share,write with me if you want and keep telling me your stories. I was born to listen to them.


Love and hugs



Love-struck,people-struck,fashion-struck,bollywood-struck,winter-struck,chicken-struck,poetry-struck,earrings-struck 20-something. An accidental biologist,I find solace in stories of any kind. Books,Hindi songs, clothes, ideas,relations..all that makes up my existence will travel up to this blog. Chance are many can relate to me. For those who can't,remember I love stories. You could be a story.

7 thoughts on “Me,as you know me

  1. Hmm..It is difficult to be non judgemental about most things as you claim to be ….sometimes its good ..sometimes it can be another word for indecisiveness…but definitely listening is a good quality


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