‘FOG’ Chal raha hai

I really have no idea ‘Fogg’ chal raha hai ya nahi,but the advertisement has got on people’s nerves lately. God bless Fogg. This post is for my eternal love for winter. I am writing this wrapped in the blanket and the earphone echoing “Raat ke humsafar,thak ke ghar ko chale“. If only there were words to praise the blanket..if only.

Winters are special due to many fond memories. The foggy haze at times has cleared up so many apprehensions of my mind. To me,winters have been the warmest times to rejoice the bonds we cherish most. The chill in the air is bound to get humans closer(Not in that way,sicko!). I rate myself okayish on the scale of romance,and winter gives wings to it. Romance,I choose to believe is any human feeling that is exvlusive for two souls. So if your Mom scolds you for not having milk,that moment,that feeling is exclusively for the two of you. It is irreplacable and this is what I think the core of romance. So I can find romance in breakfast,classroom,a specific tree,anything. Romance grows exponentially in winters.

So here I have ten romances strictly glorified by winters:-


Source- Pooja Saxena

           Source-Pooja Saxena

1) Coffee : Need I say more? If coffee was female,I would have been a perfect womanizer. Latte,mocha,espresso,cappuchino,ask me to differentiate between them and I will give exact concentration ratios. Winter is coffee’s boyfriend. Why else would coffee look,taste and feel beautiful like never before. Now you know where to take me on a date.


2) Chai: Being born and brought up in a family that thinks chai is as important as the meals,this just had to be in the list. Coffee is my first love and chai,my extra marital affair. Ever had the chance to sit at a local chaiwaala,dip Parle-G in the cup and enjoy the bliss? If not,do it on priority.


3)The winter gear : Furry coats,knit caps,mufflers,gloves- I felt so.dumb as a child when Maa layered me up. As a 20 year old, it hardly matters. Coats are my new love and bright sweaters,the.mew addiction.




4)Gaajar ka halwa: Moong daal ka halwa,kadaahi waala doodh..food basically. The usual momos become tastier on winter evenings. Delicacies become heavenly in winters.


5) Long walks: Walking alone or hand in hand with a soulful company,thinking of oddities of life,indulging in meaningless conversations is my idea of being alive in winter.


6) Sunshine: Basking on the terrace,letting sun rays find way from your eyes to heart,feeling warm and drowsy..God blesses us in uncountable manners. This one,is the best.



7)Gajak Rewari: Chakki,gud ki patti,til ke laddu,moongfali..no match at all. They have been our favorite winter accomplice ever since we had proper set of teeth.


8) Picnics: Flashback..winter holidays,going to park,spreading the mat,playing badminton,gorging on snacks..the good old days. Anyone who wants to do this again,ping me now.


Veer Zaara

            Source- Veer Zaara
9)Bonfire: Precisely,this nails it. As a child,in my village elders used to talk incomprehensible laws of life around the bonfire and I used to roast green peas,potatoes and sweet potatoes. Talk about opportunist cook.


10)Love: Love has no season but winter owns it a little more. Christmas,New year,Makar Sankranti,Lohri..they bring us closer to our friends and relatives and accentuate the love in the air.

How many of these made you nostalgic? If you have your own cherished winter moments,do share them in the comments.

Warm hugs and smiles.


The Eudic Eleven

Friends..the people who play a vital role in making who we are. I have never had a huge circle of friends. Hence those to hang on to me, I keep them close to my heart. So close that at times I get feel ache in my heart if they suffer. I was the perfect introvert in school. I am the an imperfect one now. Have you seen those typical  geeks who hang their head down, do not speak much,do not socialize,do not attend(are not called for) parties..I was that girl. Eventually I ended being lone and without a real school gang that everyone brags about. As i entered college,I did not dream of becoming outright extrovert and center of attraction,or a Bollywood transformation. All I told myself was “Make bonds that would last”.

College was a breath of fresh air. Less of judgements,less of preformed ideas. What happened to me is a topic for some other post. I got influenced by many things. This post is for those who influenced me most. A group of friends who have given me #MAJOR FRIENDSHIP GOALS. They were eleven. Two left. They are visibly nine now but that does not matter. They may be thirteen and it would still not matter. Because to me and the entire batch of Zoology honors(2016), they are one.

They are the life of the class.   If you see all of them together,you are bound to brim with joy or at least a smile would surface up your lips. They sing,dance,tease,fight study and mostly all of it together. At times I have found their jokes silly. But what actually gets me love them is, They don’t care.   The kind of unity they show in times of joy and sorrow alike is a lesson. I am sure many of us in the class deep down are jealous of them. I am. In the most pious of ways,I am jealous of them and shall forever be. They made each day of college a bit more lively.


THEIR CATEGORIC BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS are a treat to watch. From treasure hunt to cajoling watchmen,they go to any extent to make the Birthday child feel special. Special is still an understatement; they must feel like crowned prince/princess. They could easily qualify for event managers. There,I have given you career option,in case Zoology leaves you mad.pd.jpg


I have seen them shed tears for each other,stand sturdy for each other,fight with and for each other. A little message for them:-

“Dear all of you,

I could have chosen to write about all of you individually but that seemed like an injustice.College would end and we may lose touch. But I will always remember you as the most special lesson from Venky. You guys have brought smiles,knowingly or unknowingly. You made lectures a little less boring. Freshers and Farewell parties could never have been the same without you. You taught everyone,how teachers could be friends and how friends could be teachers. You taught more about love. Most importantly,you taught how to celebrate each day. You all will be special,as one.Stay the same forever and beyond.

Love and smiles to all


Me,as you know me

Anaari,because that’s how I can be best described. Anaari in all ways. I score zero at being figurative of conversations. You may happen to be closest of my friends or newest of my acquaintances, chances are you will mostly find me at the listening end. Reasons you ask? So when you are with me what I am doing is trying to extract stories out of you…of your life,of your daily struggles,of your joys,of your silliness,of your achievements,of how you missed that bus or burnt the toast or how you made that pretty hairstyle to how you lost you lost the love of your life. I love to listen all of it. These stories fulfill me.


You can share deepest of your fears and pains and chances are,I won’t utter a single word of sympathy. But believe me when I say,your pain has found a safe spot in my heart and whenever you feel lost,you have a place to fall upon. I am a speaker’s delight and a listener’s fantasy.

Anaari also because when it comes to dressing,I am mostly a mess. You’ll find me sporting a trend that came three years ago because then I was busy being in love with something that came another three years ago. So if you are donning Palazzos and crop tops now,chances are I will learn to like them few years later. A Bindi fanatic, I am huge admirer of ethnic clothing. You can find me grabbing any opportunity to wear a Saree,if you stalk around my facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/archita.rai.31  .People say I was “born an aunty”. Whatever.

I am Drum because I make all kinds of noises and all kind of music at all kind of beats(not literally). This blog is not to attract readers. This is just because-of all the 70,000 thoughts that cross my mind everyday,most are about the people I know. Instead of letting them pass away,I choose to give them the significance they deserve,here.

In this blog,there will be more of you than me,because I am all that your stories do to me. Read on,share,write with me if you want and keep telling me your stories. I was born to listen to them.


Love and hugs